Players Guide

Players start in the city kingdom of Salamis on the island of Cyprus. The first scene a player sees is the tents outside the Practice race track. This is the intended to be the first race that players run. Because this is intended to be the first race in the game, it is only set up to be run as a foot race. Most other races can be run on foot, on horseback, or in a chariot. Players get horses and chariots from winning races. There is a different horse and different chariot from every city kingdom.

Collect them all!

BayWagon BuckskinWood PalominoBronze Arabian

After running the Practice Race a few times and winning the prizes that can be found there, next the player will want to explore the island to find the other races. Sign-posts have been strategically placed throughout the island to help guide players in their journeys.

The races can be run in any order, but there is a recommended sequence of increasing difficulty. This is the order that we recommend.


-Salamis Practice Race

-Salamis Hippodrome

-Labyrinth Coin Collection

-Chytroi 7 Circuit Labyrinth

-Chytroi Hippodrome

-Ledrai Switchbacks

-Ledrai To Lapithos Relay

-Lapithos Eazy Maze

-Lapithos To Kyrenia Relay

-Kyrenia Peninsula Race

-Soloi Hippodrome Race

-Knossos Replica Labyrinth

-Marion Mountain Race

-Marion Challenge Maze

-Paphos Palace Race

-Roman Coin Collection

-Kourion Double Maze

-Instrument Collection

-Amathus Mountain Race

-Kition Centaur Labyrinth

-Armor Collection

-Idalion Corral Race

-Pottery Collection

-Tamassos Epic Marathon

-Tamassos Roman Labyrinth

-Scripture Collection


Here is a map showing the suggested route for players to take.

Be sure to talk to all of the Non-Player Characters as well!  There are special collection quests you can do to earn extra mounts and vehicles! You don’t want to miss these extra special prizes!