Q: What is Chariots?
A: Chariots is a racing game set in ancient Rome on the Island of Cyprus.

Q: Who can play Chariots?
A: Chariots is appropriate for anyone who can read!  Boys love the competition, girls love the free-style exploration, and everyone loves the collection quests.

Q: Can I play with my friends?
A: Yes! Chariots can be played on a LAN (Local Area Network) or Hosted Internet (one friend hosts it as a server while the other friends log in via IP address) multiplayer gameplay. Up to 14 players can join the races at a given time.

Q: Can I play it by myself?
A: Yes! Chariots can also be played single player against NPCs. Only the Labyrinth races do not have NPC competitors (but you can still play them single player!)

Q: How do I interact with the game?
A: The default movement controls are:
W – forward
S – backward
A – left
D – right
Space – jump
m – Dismount
u – Universal Chat (to other players)
Alt-S – drop at safepoint

Left Click – to interact with an NPC or object
Click & Drag – to equip an item on the equip bar (To use a chariot and horses)
Mousewheel to zoom in and out from 1st person to 3rd person view
Right-click and hold to swivel the free-cam view

Q: How do I change default movements?
A: To change the default movement controls click on the OPTIONS button from the main menu.

Q: When I try to install Chariots I get a black box that has no progress bar and seems to lock up, but it says please wait. What should I do?

A: Please let it continue installing. Do not close this window prematurely, it will close by itself. There is no progress bar currently with this stage of the installation. It is installing mandatory components that your computer needs to be able to run the game. This may take several minutes. Make yourself a cup of tea and and wait for it to get to the next phase of installation. Thank you for your patience!

Q: Chariots did not install the Directx or .NET files, Where do I get them?

A: Here are the Instructions

Just click the link,
Choose SAVE
and when it is done downloading choose RUN.
Follow the instructions to install. It may ask you for a folder to put the files, just put in
and continue.



Q: How do I run Chariots as a Dedicated Server for a LAN party?

A: After you have installed Chariots, you’ll need to download this file and put it in the same folder where your chariots.EXE is located. CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE Then run this file on the computer that you want to be the dedicated server. This .BAT file was accidentally omitted from the release version of the game and will be included in an upcoming patch.
(in case the link doesn’t come through here it is, but I’d rather it not be in plain text on the webpage: https://chariotsgame.com/Support_Files/ChariotsDedicatedServer.bat )