Hot Spiced Cider and Blustery Days

10 10 2012

Have the blustery days of fall blown through your neighborhood yet? It sure is windy around here! But with the onset of autumn comes that cozy time of year when you can curl up with a blanket and a cup of hot spiced cider or cocoa and bask in the glow of your computer monitor.

It’s a great time of year to play Chariots. And soon it will be time to give gifts to our loved ones. Is there anyone on your list who doesn’t have a copy of Chariots yet? Parents complain that there just aren’t any good wholesome games for their children to play. They’re all full of violence and darkness. Show them that not all games have to be that way!  Give them a copy of Chariots for some good wholesome fun!

Race on foot to earn your horse, race your horse to earn your chariot, and then win more races to earn more horses, more chariots and special prizes to turn in for collection quests!  Travel to the special Christmas allegory zone for a fun race with a Christmas season theme. What is the real meaning of Christmas? Find out at the end of the race!

Support Indie game developers. Support good clean fun family games. Order your copy of Chariots today!